Five Creative Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Bathrooms are in every way one of the most important interiors of one's house. However, due to the limited space and small sizes they might start to look dull and boring.

But you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we can make things easier for you.

bathroom remodeling

All you need is a creative mind and some very clever ideas to modify the whole outlook of your bathroom.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we are here to talk you through.

We present you with the five most creative ideas for your bathroom remodeling to make it look bigger and more comfortable.

Let’s begin with it:

1.    Choose a Light and Bright Colour:

The trick to making anything more spacious and brighter is to opt for a light pastel color.

The light color will eventually dull the whole dark vibe of your bathroom while making the whole room look bright and spacious.

Light pastel colors such as mint, white, off-white, skin, etc are the excellent reflector of heat and also allow the sunlight to pass through your interior. This will make your bathroom not only look brighter from all the light passing by but will also give a more spacious vibe.

Moreover, the light color scheme will make sure to keep your bathrooms cool during hot days.

What else do you need?

2.    Prefer Less Instead of More:

Many people tend to stuff their washrooms with a lot of unnecessary stuff such as racks, cabinets, railing, and other accessories to decorate their bathrooms.

Now, this might look fancy but it will make your bathroom look stuffed and small which could be quite suffocating.

If you are thinking of going to remodel your bathroom and want to give it a big and bring look consider going for less than more.

A simple vanity set, Shower set, and sink is a perfect way to go with your bathroom. If you want, you can keep a small plant over your sink or at the corner of your bathroom to give it a beautiful vibe as well as make it look bigger.

3.    Mirror, Mirror, and Mirror:

My motto to decorate my bathroom so it looks aesthetic as well as has more space is to go for mirrors. Honestly, for me, it is mirror, mirror, and mirrors.

When you are having a bathroom renovation, you must consider this one as well.

Not only will a large mirror leave you awestruck every time you enter but it will also double the size of the bathroom in your eyes.

The reflection of light and pattern by your mirror will do the same work as a window and will eventually make it look bigger.

You can also consider using a beautiful frame around it or go with a wall-sized mirror to give an extravagant and trendy vibe to your bathroom.

4.    Be Smart with Your Shower Door:

Your shower set is without a doubt one of the most prominent parts of your bathroom’s anatomy one which can very likely impact the whole vibe of it.

So you must take it into account during your bathroom remodeling.

One thing that you can go for is to consider having a glass shower door. It will make your bathroom look more spacious.

Another good way is to remove the shower door completely and style it in a way that you wouldn’t need one to go with your set.

5.    Add a lot of Lights:

Lastly, another creative way that you can make your bathroom feel bigger is by adding lights.

The brighter your bathroom will look, the bigger will it feel.

So consider adding lights to your walls, around the mirror, over your shower set, etc with having a bathroom renovation for yourself.

Final Thoughts:

While trying out bathroom renovation, try any of the ideas mentioned above and watch how your bathroom looks brighter and spacious with just a little effort.


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